One of the first days out I was able to go on (after qualifying Bandit) was to Lincolnshire wildlife park. I was really looking forward to it, although I was still feeling worried and anxious, but having Bandit there I was able to calm down. It took us a long time to find it, and Mum said if we couldn’t find it we would end up at the sea side, lol. Not that we would mind as Bandit loves the sand.

When we got to the park, we made sure that it was still ok to take Bandit in, as he had just passed. I knew that he was allowed in but it helped me keep calm getting it confirmed.

We went for something to eat and I started to get anxious, as there were some school kids there, but Bandit did his job very well.

After dinner we had a walk around, the first thing we saw were the lemurs, it was funny as the lemurs were very interested in Bandit and kept giving alarm calls.

Then we went to see the parrots, but they didn’t like Bandit at all so we had to move on quickly. They were sooo loud. Then we came to what I really wanted to see and that was the Tapir, whose name was Cecil, he kept running up and down his pen, trying to get Bandit to play with him.

We were also followed by a crane called Stanley.  We had a very good day thanks to Bandit. And my mum !